Amnesty Media Awards 2020 – Winners

Amnesty Media Awards 2020: For Sama, ITV, Daily Mirror, Sunday Telegraph and BBC News Arabic amongst winners

Prestigious Amnesty Media Awards 2020 winners announced.

5 Live, The Impartial Reporter and BBC World Service also awarded top spots.

‘These awards recognise truly outstanding journalism which has shone a spotlight on the world’s darkest corners’ – Kate Allen

The winners of Amnesty International UK’s prestigious Amnesty Media Awards 2020 have been announced this evening.

The acclaimed Syria documentary For Sama added to its growing list of accolades, winning the award for best documentary, while Hardcash Productions for ITV Exposure won best investigation with its Inside China’s Digital Gulag programme.

The Daily Mirror, BBC Radio 5 Live, The Sunday Telegraph and BBC News Arabic Documentaries also achieved top spots in the awards.

In an online ceremony held earlier this evening, the Amnesty Media Awards 2020 were presented by a number of high profile journalists who were judges involved in this year’s awards, including BBC News’s Tina Daheley, Channel 4 Unreported World presenter Seyi Rhodes, VICE UK’s Zing Tsjeng and BBC News’s Clive Myrie.

Viewers of the ceremony were encouraged to support an Amnesty campaign calling for the release of Khaled Drareni, an Algerian journalist sentenced to two years in prison last month for reporting on an anti-government protest.

Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK, said:

“These awards recognise truly outstanding journalism which has shone a spotlight on the world’s darkest corners – from the crisis in Yemen to the plight of Uyghur Muslims in China. In a world of misinformation and conspiracy theory, we need thorough, fact-based human rights reporting now more than ever.

We pay tribute to the inspiring bravery and dedication of journalists who’ve uncovered wrongdoing, held those in authority to account, and helped create a fairer, more open world.”

The Winners

News (Broadcast)

BBC News Arabic Documentaries
Idlib ‘double tap’ airstrike Russia says never was


The Sunday Telegraph
Yazidi Women Forced to Abandon their Babies to Isil, by Josie Ensor

Radio and Podcasts

BBC Radio 5 Live
Modern Slavery: Sanu’s Story

Student Journalist

Kenneth Sanchez, University of Kent
Escaping the Chaos: Venezuelans in Peru

Gaby Rado Award for Best New Journalist

Bethan McKernan
The Guardian


Hardcash Productions for ITV Exposure
Undercover: Inside China’s Digital Gulag

Regional Media

The Impartial Reporter
Fermanagh Historical Sexual Abuse, by Rodney Edwards


Tariq Zaidi (The Guardian)
El Salvador: A country ruled by gangs


BBC World Service
El Helicoide: From shopping mall to torture prison

News (Written Word)

The Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror in Yemen, by Andy Lines


For Sama
A Channel 4 News & ITN Productions Film for Channel 4 & FRONTLINE PBS