2024 Amnesty Media Awards – Winners Announced

Amnesty Media Awards 2024

Thank you to everyone who entered last years Media Awards, and congratulations to all our winners, finalists and thank you to everyone who joined us for the 2024 Amnesty Media Awards ceremony.

The 10 award categories celebrate excellence in human rights journalism from the past year and applaud the courage and determination of journalists and editors who sometimes put their lives on the line to report on vital human rights issues.

The judging panels were made up of high-profile UK journalists, former award winners and representatives from Amnesty. The winners of this year’s awards were announced at a ceremony in London, 9 May 2024.


This video contains strong language that may be unsuitable for younger viewers and which some people may find offensive, viewer discretion is advised.

  1. Welcome: 00:00
  2. Broadcast News: 03:05
  3. Written News: 10:18
  4. Photojournalism: 17:10
  5. Radio & Podcasts: 22:17
  6. Gaby Rado Award for New Journalist: 29:50
  1. Nations & Regions: 37:35
  2. Digital Media: 44:40
  3. Written Features: 52:05
  4. Broadcast Features: 1:00:51
  5. Impact Award: 1:07:39
  6. Final Words: 1:18:03