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Voices of the Dispossessed Uyghur Families Reveal the Persecution of Loved Ones

Byline Times


Story published in Byline Times. Tasnim Nazeer investigates the plight of family members of missing Uyghur Muslims persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party in Xinjiang. An estimated 1.5 million Uyghur Muslims are being forcibly detained in internment camps in Xinjiang, north-west China. The Chinese government has stripped Uyghurs of their right to practise their religion, forcing them to denounce their faith and embrace the Communist Party. Uyghur Muslims that are detained in these camps, are reported to be closely monitored and surrounded by razor wire and strict surveillance, limiting any contact with the outside world including access to their families.

I managed to get access to Uyghurs around the world in Germany and Turkey whose families have been left in Xinjiang and are calling for justice. I interviewed all my contacts and was able to highlight the stories of Uyghur Muslims in the country and the great lengths that the Chinese government has gone to suppress their voices and cover up human rights abuses.


It highlighted strong voices of families who have loved ones missing or captured in Xinjiang, China and brought an international story to a UK audience.