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The tragedy of Europe’s forgotten border – the ‘pass of death’

Mirror Online/Sunday Mirror


It is Europe’s forgotten border – and it is so dangerous the “Pass of Death” has claimed dozens of lives. Over the past four years more people have died there than crossing the English Channel. The notorious Pass over the mountains between Italy and France is barely four miles from the wealthy tax haven of Monaco. The Daily and Sunday Mirror’s chief reporter Andy Lines visited the Pass and discovered how hundreds of refugees are still trying the perilous route every month despite the covid-19 pandemic. Authorities tightened border controls after terror attacks but it has led to migrants taking terrifying risks to reach France. In the nearby Italian border town of Ventimiglia hundreds of Syrians, Iraqis, Somalis and Kurds live out in the open in appalling conditions. It has become so normal that wealthy Italian diners tuck into lobster and octopus in expensive beachside restaurants as poverty stricken families openly go to the toilet on the beach nearby. It is an appalling state of affairs and the Mirror interviewed refugees and charity workers who said there have been numerous reports of attacks. This report shed light on a truly shocking human rights situation right in the centre of Europe. The story was published in full on Mirror Online and also a spread in the Sunday Mirror.


The story was only published in mid December and has had no immediate impact. But it certainly highlighted a tragedy which the European Union has forgotten about. The full story was published on Mirror Online which is widely read around the English speaking world and was given a two page spread in the Sunday Mirror.

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