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The Hidden Crime in Britain

Nur Adriana Zainal Abidin – University of Sheffield


A 5000 word investigative feature focusing on forced marriage in the UK as part of my final year project at the University of Sheffield. This piece includes exclusive interview from Caroline Goode, the lead investigator of a so called honour killing, Banaz Mahmod. Imagine being forced to marry a man you never met at 16 or being forced to marry to a man with a mental age of a six year old. This in-depth feature unravel the hidden crime in UK with exclusive case studies from women who were forced, coerced and abused at such a young age and their journey in finding themselves and break free from the cycle.


Though my forced marriage piece was for a university project, it has been pitched to various editors around the UK and have been awarded the highly commended as student of the year project for PPA. I am still finding a home for this important piece in the mainstream magazines in the UK and hopeful that it will be published one day. My intention with this piece is to actually raise awareness about the issue so that we can continue our fight to prevent forced marriages from happening. Marriage is a choice and it is not okay to be forced into doing it.

Supporting Literature

Hidden Crime in UK (PDF File)