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Sri Lanka’s Missing and Murdered Journalists A Call for Press Freedom and Justice

Byline Times


In depth investigative article for Byline Times on Sri Lanka’s missing and murdered journalists and the fears that journalists have in the country from speaking out against the Sri Lankan government. One journalist tells me he feels that it is time to ‘put down the pen’ due to threats to his life. Other journalists have seeked exile in other countries abroad. Tasnim Nazeer investigates the murders, death threats and past abductions of journalists and activists in Sri Lanka which highlight growing fears for the future of press freedom in the country. Activists and families of journalists who had been killed have still not received justice or accountability to date and with the Rajapaksa brothers still holding strong on to power there seems to be no sign of justice prevailing.


As a British Sri Lankan myself I had access to contacts in the country who are facing death threats. There is no press freedom in the country and the impact of this article was to highlight the growing threats to press freedom and to journalists. Since then many activists have come forward to call for more to be done for Sri Lankan activists and journalists and for accountability to be sought.