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‘It has been a tough journey but worth every painful moment’ – The life of a transgender woman in Glasgow

Glasgow Live Unit


This story helped shed light on the discrimination transgender people face in a first-hand account amid the transphobia and misinformation being spread in the media. I submitted a Freedom of Information request to Police Scotland hate crime against trans people in Scotland, which indicated that crime had risen to its worst rate since 2015. This was a unique piece as Glasgow Live had not previously reported on trans issues on a local basis. It was sensitively produced, showing care and consideration for the person interviewed and covered a variety of issues, including an in-depth look at the transitioning process, her day-to-day encounters and her mental health struggles.


This story was incredibly well received, offering an insight into the day-to-day experiences of a trans person living in Glasgow. It is not an area which is well covered in local media in Scotland. It was shared by politicians such as SNP MP Hannah Bardell. It was also posted on Trans Media Watch. The interview helped break down the issues to our local readers in a sensitive, impactful way.

I received messages from transgender people and parents of children struggling with their gender identity, who told me how the story helped them understand what they were going through and that there is help out there. After this account, I interviewed the clinical lead of Scotland’s gender clinic who offered insight into the work the service does, which was picked up by Pink News and Stonewall.