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Is Racism in the Medical Profession Contributing to High BAME Staff Deaths from COVID-19?

Byline Times


Story published in Byline Times. Tasnim Nazeer investigates racism in the NHS during the Coronavirus crisis which may have contributed to high BAME staff deaths. I spoke exclusively to black and ethnic minority doctors and nurses who have not shared their stories of racism before. The findings were increasingly concerning at the discrimination that doctors and nurses working in the NHS had faced. A shocking 97% of Britain’s medical staff who have died from COVID-19 are from BAME backgrounds, while 65% of nursing staff and 63% of healthcare assistants who have died also come from Britain’s diverse BAME communities. However, an issue that had not yet been explored during that time was the role discrimination within the profession may be playing in contributing to BAME staff being put at a greater risk from COVID-19. I went in depth to investigate and unearth voices from the ground on what is really happening behind the scenes.


This piece led many other doctors and nurses to contact me with their own stories and since then they have been campaigning for a thorough investigation into racism in the NHS and how this can be tackled.