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Integrate That!

Refugee Journalism Project


‘Integrate That’ is a podcast made by refugees. Reporting our stories by ourselves the way we feel suitable. The stories you hear are very personal and help the listener understand the baggage refugees come with and the way they live their daily lives while trying to find out what integration means. True representation is missing from the coverage on mainstream media so making this podcast was crucial in recording our stories, owning the narrative and empowering refugees who go through a lot of struggles in this new community just like any other migrant.


The podcast reached over 2000 listeners and received very good reviews from The Guardian, the FT and the BBC. I have received a number of requests from students who wanted to do some course work based on this podcast and was asked to talk about it in Media in Exile Forum in Hamburg. The Podcast has won two Lovie Awards for Best Individual Episode. The demographic reached, according to feedback I have received, was of many people who never had any interaction with refugees. The people who shared their stories felts very empowered by being able to own the narrative of their stories and the newspapers that covered the podcast picked on the importance of inclusion and better representation.