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Inside Delhi: beaten, lynched and burnt alive

The Observer


This was a special news report published in The Observer detailing the horrifying events and human rights abuses that occurred during the communal riots that ripped through Delhi in February 2020. It required four days of reportage on the streets of north-east Delhi as they burned and where right-wing Hindu mobs roamed the streets attacking Muslims civilians and houses, and some Muslim groups retaliated. Tens of thousands were displaced in the riots and entire neighbourhoods and mosques were reduced to rubble. This reporting was done during the riots and in the aftermath, across several of the worst affected neighbourhoods and outside the hospitals where the dead and injured were being taken. Caution had to be taken to avoid police while reporting as in many incidences officers were complicit in the abuses and violence carried out against Muslims.


This article had a huge impact in exposing the true events of the Delhi riots, which the Indian government attempted to deny and obfuscate to the media. The piece went viral, shared over 48,000 times and read by almost 1 million people on the Guardian website, both in the UK and abroad. It was shared by many senior global figures such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who cited the article to question the US government’s close relationship with India while it allowed the brutal persecution of its minority Muslim community. Her tweet was liked over 21,000 times (Link:

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