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Exclusive: Uyghur Muslims in Scotland: ‘Will we see our families again?’

STV News


Uyghur Muslims living in Scotland speak to freelance journalist Tasnim Nazeer for STV News for the first time in this exclusive interview on China’s crackdown on their family members. Ahmed (named changed for anonymity) fled Xinjiang with his wife and three kids but had to leave two of his children behind as he was unable to get a passport for them. He is concerned about whether he will ever be able to see his children again. He says the Chinese Communist Party have been cracking down on Muslims for some time. Abdul Ahad is another Uyghur Muslims who fled Xinjiang with his wife and child when they found out she was expecting her second baby she was told that she would have to forcibly have the baby removed. She was nine months pregnant at the time. Abdul Ahad talks about the forced sterilisations that have been occurring in China against Muslims and the fact that they do not know whether their families that they left behind are dead or alive. Both Abdul and Ahmed want the Scottish government to raise awareness of their plight.


The report highlighted the heartache that Uyghurs who have fled for their safety have to go through. The contacts I spoke to were two of only three Uyghur families living in Scotland who had never spoken to the media before. Since then the matter is being taken up by the UK government and at the time of the report a letter was signed by many Scottish and British MPs in support of sanctions against China and a full investigation into the human rights violations against the Uyghurs.